Helping you to get up to speed with the new LinkedIn Profile changes

Links2Leads: Helping you to get up to speed with the new LinkedIn Profile changes

Love it or hate it, the new LinkedIn interface is here to stay. If you use the LinkedIn app on your mobile, you will notice that the new look is very similar to that layout. It is very simple and intuitive. For example, did you know that your Profile photograph will now be in a circle, not a square!

I have to say on the majority, I am in favour of most of the changes but I am still so frustrated that they have not made it mandatory that you have to personalise your connection message. How many people do not connect with you because you have just pressed Connect? How many valuable contacts have you just lost out on if you only took the time to personalise that message (or knew how to?)

Let’s briefly go through 13 key changes to your LinkedIn profile as a result of the new interface:

  1. Profile Sections can no longer be re-ordered. Previously, to some degree, you could click and drag to move sections around.
  2. The Summary Section could easily be overlooked by a visitor now, as only the first two lines of your Summary are visible without a reader actively clicking through to read more. TIP – you may wish to draw attention to your Summary via a reference to it in your Headline Title.
  3. Within your Summary Section, you can no longer see media or links without visitors clicking the ‘See More’ option.
  4. The LinkedIn Banner dimensions have changed. This is valuable permanent advertising space and we can work with you to design a banner that really sells your business for a very minimal outlay.
  5. Moving around – Highlights is a new Section that used to be on your profile sidebar.
  6. Your Current Experience Section will now take precedence. When I draft a LinkedIn Profile, I try and work out how you are going to relate to your target market. What is the pain point that you will solve for your clients and what makes you different from your competitors? The Current Experience Section is now the place to insert the majority of your attached media, such as links, photos & documents.
  7. The descriptions of your previous jobs are now hidden by default, so you must click ‘See Description’ to access your notes on each role.
  8. Your Posts & Activity have become more prominent. Your connections can easily view everything that you have recently liked or commented on. Previously, your connections had to click a dropdown in your top card to access your recent activity.
  9. Your Published Posts have less prominence now, only your most recently published post is visible.
  10. Endorsements – Only your top 3 endorsements are immediately visible now, compared to your top 10 endorsements previously. Make sure those skills are the ones you want to be recognised for.
  11. Projects – Only a single, top Project is visible now unless a reader clicks through to see the others. Previously, all of your Projects were displayed in a list and were instantly visible.
  12. Hidden Sections – The Accomplishments Section now combines all of the following into one section, with all descriptions collapsed by default: Certifications, Courses, Honours & Awards, Languages, Patents, Projects, Publications, Test Scores, & Organisations.
  13. Check you have completed all of your Contact & Personal Info as this is now more prominent on the Profile sidebar.
So, changes to the layout of your LinkedIn Profile have taken place, but there are additional changes to be aware of if you use LinkedIn as a sales and marketing tool for your business too.  To ensure you are up-to-date, please book one of my LinkedIn Training Courses or ask me about a 1-2-1 LinkedIn Coaching Session.

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