LinkedIn Frequently Asked Questions

How Can LinkedIn Help My Business?

LinkedIn Profile Writing

You’ve already created a LinkedIn profile for me. Now how do I get the most out of LinkedIn?

A professional LinkedIn profile is essential if you want to be found for the services or products that you have to offer prospective clients. But LinkedIn isn’t just about being ‘found’. To connect with prospective clients you need to know how to use LinkedIn properly. For example, are you:

  • confident using the Advanced Search functions on LinkedIn to find connections within your target market?
  • able to blog effectively and understand exactly what you should be saying?
  • confident about LinkedIn’s etiquette rules?
  • aware of how to utilise the many LinkedIn groups to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field?

If not, then it would be wise to attend both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 LinkedIn training courses; or if you’d like to take advantage of some 1-to-1 training then why not consider Bespoke LinkedIn Coaching?

I’m a job seeker. Can a good LinkedIn profile genuinely help me to secure my next role?

Have you ever Googled yourself? If you have, you’ll know that your LinkedIn profile is probably listed at the very top of the search results.

And if you’ve Googled yourself, then you can be sure that recruiters and future employers will certainly do so. It’s a fact that 85% of hiring managers will look at an applicant’s LinkedIn profile during the recruitment process and 98% of recruiters will use LinkedIn to find suitable candidates to fill their list of vacancies. When recruiters or potential employers look at your profile, what impression do you want to leave them with?

A professionally drafted, keyword-optimised profile is a vital and worthwhile investment for success.

I have a LinkedIn profile that I’m relatively happy with. Why do I need a professionally written profile?

You’ve probably spent a great deal of time filling out your profile and given thought to exactly how you’d like to represent yourself. You may also be building up a good list of connections and actually doing a lot of things well. However, the difference between your current profile and one that has been drafted by a LinkedIn expert is going to lie in the detail. For example, do you:

  • know how to keyword-optimise your Headline, Summary and Current Experience sections?
  • appear at the top of search results for your skill set?
  • know how to use the Advanced Search tool to seek out potential connections?
  • have a Summary and Current Experience section drafted in such a way that a reader feels compelled to connect with you?
  • belong to the right groups?
  • have your skills listed in the correct order?

These are just a few of the things that a professionally drafted profile will address. However much time you have already put into creating a profile, it can be taken to the next level with the help of an expert.

I don’t have a LinkedIn profile. Do I need one?

Yes, you do. One third of the world’s professionals are currently using LinkedIn. It’s the number one channel for distributing business-led content and it’s proven to be 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter for B2B lead generation.

Half of LinkedIn’s 400 million members say they are more likely to buy from a person or company they have engaged with on LinkedIn. Consider too that if you apply for a new job in the future, a recruiter or potential employer is almost guaranteed to look at your LinkedIn profile as part of the recruitment process.

Can you truly afford not to be on LinkedIn?

Bespoke LinkedIn Coaching

I work in the legal, financial or other professional services sector. How can LinkedIn benefit me?

Rachel Tombs worked as a practising Solicitor for more than 15 years, using LinkedIn not only to build a network of strategic alliances but also to attract new clients and to establish herself as a thought leader across various practice areas.

Marketing a professional services firm increasingly demands that you think outside of the box, working harder to reach clients who would previously have chosen your services without a second thought. Price comparison websites have entered the market, competitors have started opening up satellite offices across the country to capitalise on client demand in certain areas, regulation has increased and clients are becoming more and more swayed by social media when deciding which company’s services they should use.

As the vast majority of your prospective clients will be on LinkedIn, you should be there too. Your presence should not be passive: LinkedIn should form part of your daily routine of engaging with existing and potential clients, informing your connections about matters that interest them and establishing yourself in advance as the expert they should call when they need a service in the future. By doing this, you’ll be investing in a marketing strategy that puts you ahead of your competition in the most time and cost effective way possible.

I work for a charity. Is LinkedIn a valuable tool for the third sector?

Unlike some other social media platforms, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to engage with your supporters and beneficiaries in a professional, cost-effective and relevant setting. By being able to keep supporters updated with your events and news, you can remain in the forefront of their minds and encourage their on-going engagement.

LinkedIn allows you to keep in touch with potential volunteers, seek out future Trustees or staff with specific skill sets, and ensures you can be found by corporations who are looking for charities to support from one year to the next.

LinkedIn can provide you with a voice on the world’s largest professional networking platform. Don’t miss out: ensure your charity is represented.

I work for a large company. Can you offer a group training session for our employees?

In this case, it’s likely that you’ll want the course’s content to be focused solely on your organisation and to highlight how your employees can use LinkedIn to develop specific areas of your business and your corporate profile. Therefore, a private and bespoke LinkedIn course would be the best option.

It may be most convenient for the course to take place at your business premises, or you may prefer for your employees to travel to a separate location. Either way, this can be worked around you.

What’s the difference between Bespoke LinkedIn Coaching and the Stage 1 and Stage 2 LinkedIn training courses?

  • Bespoke LinkedIn Coaching takes place in a private, 1-to-1 setting. But if it’s not geographically possible to meet face-to-face, it can take place by Skype or over the phone. The coaching is personalised to you and/or your business, and tailored uniquely around your future plans, goals and marketing vision. The subjects covered are chosen by you, based on what’s of value to you, your clients, and your market or sector.

    Whatever your goal is in relation to LinkedIn; whether it’s to increase leads, establish yourself as an expert thought leader in your field, increase your conversion rate, or to see a specific increase in revenue, we can plan for it together as part of the Bespoke LinkedIn Coaching service.

  • Both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 LinkedIn training courses take place in a group setting. The size of the group is kept as intimate as possible with no more than ten delegates per workshop. However, the courses do not offer 1-to-1 coaching. Attendees will come from a variety of industry backgrounds and will represent a number of different sectors. The courses take place at set locations so are best suited to those attendees who can travel a reasonable distance. The courses are designed to be taken sequentially, with vital foundation information being taught during the Stage 1 course and built upon during Stage 2.

    Both courses require hands-on interaction and participation from you and although it’s not possible to tailor the entire course to your specific business or industry, being part of a group in which you can interact with fellow attendees means the courses are informative, valuable and enjoyable.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 LinkedIn training courses

Your LinkedIn training courses are priced at £125 per person per course. What do I get for this?

The Links2Leads LinkedIn training courses are priced competitively and represent excellent value for money.

    • The Stage 1 training course lasts three hours. Due to the nature of this course, a great deal of time and effort is put into establishing the foundations and ensuring that all attendees are given the opportunity to ask whatever questions they may have, within a positive environment. This course is designed to build your LinkedIn confidence, teach you how to start getting results from your LinkedIn efforts, establish the etiquette rules that everyone should know and start you on the road of Social Selling. The Stage 1 training course is incredibly interactive; you will learn as you go by following along using your own laptop or tablet.
    • The Stage 2 training course takes what you have learnt to the next level. Over three hours you will be shown how to generate those new leads for your business in the most time and cost effective way possible. You’ll be taught how to become an expert Social Seller, learning how to seek out new people to connect with, how to utilise groups, how to blog and how to establish yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field. At the end of the course, you will be sent an exclusive gift of 25 blog titles that are proven to work.

The courses offer you incredible value for money, but if you’d like to see what previous attendees have said about the courses then please click here.

How many people generally attend your Stage 1 or Stage 2 training courses?

This can vary depending upon the course venue, location and time of year. However, most courses attract an average of ten delegates. Attendees will come from a wide range of industries and sectors but they will share a common goal: everyone wants to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively and grow their lead bank or business as a result.

I think I know quite a lot about using LinkedIn. Do I have to attend your Stage 1 course or can I skip straight to Stage 2?

It is recommended that you attend the Stage 1 LinkedIn training course before Stage 2, simply to ensure that you get the most out of the training and experience. A number of vital areas are covered during Stage 1 and these are essentially the building blocks that are developed and built upon during Stage 2. Everyone who attends the Stage 2 LinkedIn training course should have the same basic knowledge in order to maximise the group’s learning experience.

Take a look at the testimonials section by clicking here to see what past attendees have said about their experience of the Stage 1 course and the benefits they have enjoyed as a result.

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But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what people say about us…

  • Terry Dockley

    Terry Dockley

    Terry Dockley & Co Limited

    Following my attendance at one of Rachel's engrossing training days on the use of LinkedIn, I asked her to re-write my LinkedIn Profile, and I am very pleased with the result. It took my Profile from an "intermediate" ranking to an "all star" and I have high hopes of seeing many more leads through LinkedIn as a result of this exercise. Thank you Rachel.

  • Professor Vlatka Hlupic

    Professor Vlatka Hlupic

    CEO, The Management Shift Consulting Ltd

    Rachel has a broad range of skills related to social media marketing and business development. Her assistance with my social media activities has been very valuable. I highly recommend Rachel.

  • Johanna Guerin

    Bespoke Coach & HR Consultant, Fit for the Future

    Rachel is so easy to work with - efficient, knowledgeable and professional. Social media is out of my comfort zone but Rachel made it a simple and enjoyable experience. Rachel gave me great advice and hints and tips on how to get the best from LinkedIn for my specific needs. It wasn’t just social media training - it was business development too! Working with Rachel has given me the confidence to use LinkedIn to grow my business - she left me feeling inspired, excited and motivated! I would highly recommend Rachel.

  • Tanya Ces Maneiro

    Tanya Ces Maneiro

    Career & Work-Life Balance Coach, La Vida Coaching

    I really enjoyed my LinkedIn Coaching with Rachel. She's very knowledgeable on how to use LinkedIn to increase sales and how to create a profile that will get you noticed and I have already experienced an increase in interaction on LinkedIn as a result. I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel at Links2Leads.

  • Paul O’Callaghan

    Paul O’Callaghan

    Barrister, Clerksroom

    I really enjoyed chatting with Rachel about my linkedin profile and I found her advice to be extremely helpful and thorough. Highly recommended and she made me think about social media in a completely different way!

  • Paul McCluskey

    Paul McCluskey

    UK Head of Professional Practices at Lloyds Bank

    With the increased focus on having an effective social media presence I was acutely aware of the shortcoming of my national team. Rachel agreed to present to my specialist legal sector team and brought to life the practical do's and don'ts relating to LinkedIn. Feedback from the team spoke highly about the presentation style, the content and importantly increased understanding which they could all apply to their daily lives. It is fair to say Rachel made an immediate impact and I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel as the go to expert for LinkedIn.

  • Melissa Gale

    Melissa Gale

    Voluntary Radio Presenter Marlowfm

    Rachel recently joined me on Marlowfm to talk about her business Links2leads. She is a truly wonderful, professional and very personable lady who is passionate about helping clients to fully understand LinkedIn - maximising it’s usage, increasing connections, brand presence and overall enhancing business operations.

  • John Sizer

    John Sizer

    The Public Access Clerk

    Having attended a one of Rachel’s work shop’s recently I came away with a much better understanding of how LinkedIn works and how to utilise it in the best way possible. Rachel has a very relaxed but professional style which made it easier to learn about as well as equip me with the necessary skills to use it with confidence. I would thoroughly recommend you attend one of Rachel’s courses if you want to get the best out of LinkedIn.

  • Donald Turner

    Donald Turner

    PME TRAINING by BlueGreen Business Development

    I attended a one day workshop with Rachel and enjoyed understanding the workings of LinkedIn. I have 'played' with this platform for a few years and thought I understood the value of it. After the course I felt a lot more confident in fully utilising the value of LinkedIn. Since the course I have been much more active and generated more leads. It certainly bolstered the marketing for my business. If you are thinking of using Rachel, all I can say is will not be disappointed. She is engaging, knowledgable and professional.

  • Sarah Findlay

    Sarah Findlay

    Employment Advice Coordinator

    Rachel delivers regular LinkedIn training to our customers at Bracknell Forest Homes, supporting them to maximize their job search or to market their business using LinkedIn. I thoroughly enjoy working with Rachel, she captures our customers attention and keeps them engaged throughout the sessions. The information and recommendations delivered are relevant to a variety of knowledge and understanding of LinkedIn, proving extremely useful to our customer base. No training session is the same as Rachel is fantastic at identifying the needs of the customers in each session. I have also attended a session which I found beneficial even after using LinkedIn for nearly ten years. It's surprising what even LinkedIn pro's can learn from Rachel. After applying some small changes to my profile that I learnt from Rachel my views increased by 162% in 48 hours and my connections have rapidly grown with useful links, which within my role of business development and networking is crucial!

  • Stuart Campbell ACMA,CGMA

    Stuart Campbell ACMA,CGMA

    Finance Director

    Rachel has a unique talent in creating interesting and impactful professional LinkedIn profiles, as well as maximising the full marketing and communication potential of LinkedIn. Her skill in extracting one's key attributes and experience from conversation is evident, and is matched by her ability as a wordsmith to convert her findings into a focused and objective output. I would recommend Rachel for harnessing the power of LinkedIn

  • Symon Vegro

    Symon Vegro

    Symon Vegro Enterprises - SVE

    A wonderful service and very highly recommended: a really potent combination of expert knowledge, customer focus, enthusiasm, and friendliness. If you want to make LinkedIn work better for you - here's how!

  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    Managing Director - Auricas Ltd

    Rachel's advice has fundamentally changed the way we see LinkedIn and are seen by others. The updated profile produced is far more likely to be effective in communicating how we can add value and by default, make us more attractive to be LinkedIn with.

  • Joe Reevy

    Joe Reevy

    Director of and

    Rachel knows exactly what she is doing and is highly recommended.

  • Hannah Mason

    Hannah Mason

    Animal Rescue Business Mentor

    I recently touched base with Rachel because she kindly had offered her services to help me give an outline of LinkedIn and because I had two profiles. She spent an hour with me on Skype helping me sort things out as well as put me in touch with people to make connections. I can't thank her enough, she really cares for the business and helping others!

  • Anastasiya Day

    Anastasiya Day

    Legal Secretary, Thomas Mansfield Solicitors

    I work for Thomas Mansfield Solicitors as a Legal Secretary and we invited Rachel Tombs to come and show us more about social media. I absolutely loved what Rachel shared with us and her approach to it. We spent several hours with Rachel and we all enjoyed her session and also it was fun. I have worked for many years as a Virtual Assistant and I still learnt something new. I would definitely recommend her services.

  • Giulia Moretto

    Giulia Moretto

    Executive Career Consultant | Motivational Mentor

    I recently attended Links2Leads Stage 2 training course in Reading and I was really happy about the outcome. I learnt new tactics to promote my businesses and be more visible on LinkedIn. I highly recommend Rachel Tombs of Links2Leads training courses to everyone looking to develop their business further on.

  • Belinda Bowles

    Belinda Bowles

    HR Services I HR Support I HR Consultant I Outsourced HR I Human Resources for SME's in the Thames Valley

    Rachel transformed not just the look and feel of my LinkedIn profile but also how I use LinkedIn. I have received great feedback from agencies and companies about my profile - this is all down to Rachel. What I really appreciated is the time that Rachel took to get to know me, so that my personal statements reflect who I am and what I do.

  • Wendy Rooke

    Wendy Rooke

    Holistic Therapist at Rooke Holistic Therapies

    I attended Rachel’s LinkedIn Stage 1 training course having set up my profile some time ago, but not really known how to use it. I felt that I was trying to navigate without a map or GPS, but Rachel helped me get a better feel for how LinkedIn works and how to use it to best advantage.

    Rachel is a calm and patient teacher, who presents the material in a logical progression and explains each point clearly. I left fired with enthusiasm for LinkedIn and feeling that I had a powerful tool at my fingertips. Rachel provided excellent aftercare when I got stuck with a technical problem after the course and she has got me back on track. I would highly recommend Links2Leads to anyone wanting to get to grips with LinkedIn or to optimise their use of it to find leads.

  • LisaKayMaria Mantel

    LisaKayMaria Mantel

    Professional Organiser & Declutterer, Clutter Clearer

    As a total novice regarding LinkedIn I found the training Rachel provided extremely helpful. The way in which she delivered the training was what made all of the difference. I wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea of using LinkedIn at all, I didn't have a Facebook account at the time either, but I learned that it is a really useful tool in building my business. So, although I am just starting out I am beginning to use the knowledge Rachel shares in her training. It is really worth doing. I would highly recommend Rachel's services to other people who want to use LinkedIn as a way to grow their business! Thanks Rachel

  • Melanie Luteijn

    Melanie Luteijn

    Training, HR & Career Development Consultant at Go Further Goals

    The one to one training with Rachel was excellent. As a result I have tailored my LinkedIn profile and adopted a proactive approach regarding identifying and developing my connections. This has resulted in positive benefits for my business. Thank you Rachel!

  • Steve Robinson

    Steve Robinson

    HI-MACS® General Manager James Latham PLC

    Rachel has expert knowledge of how you can utilise LinkedIn to build and publicise your business. She has excellent coaching skills and many people have benefited from her regular training sessions. Rachel is always willing to offer advice and for anyone who wishes to learn how to best use LinkedIn to build their network and business, I thoroughly recommend her.

  • Kevin Hardy

    Kevin Hardy

    Programme Manager - Implementing Transformation and Change Programmes for Global Businesses

    I can't recommend Rachel highly enough. She has taken my very wobbly LinkedIn profile, that was just a copy of my CV, improving the structure and content no end. I find her professional and easy to communicate with - she has great listening skills and is able to articulate her recommendations in a clear and concise manner. Thanks to your help my phone is getting rather busy, which is great news.

  • Dale Campbell

    Dale Campbell

    European Trademark Attorney at

    I attended a LinkedIn training course that Rachel delivered. Rachel is extremely knowledgeable and is able to share her knowledge clearly. The course was easy to follow, we were able to implement her tips and I came away with clear steps to follow. I would highly recommend attending one of Rachel's training courses.

  • Stevette Potts

    Stevette Potts

    Highly Experienced Project Director specializing in office fit out and refurbishment in London and The South

    I attended a Links2Leads course run by Rachel in Farnborough. It was a really interesting and enjoyable course and really helped me learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively. As a result of the training I have re-connected with a number of contacts on LinkedIn, started writing blogs and am quoting on new work as a direct result. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to use LinkedIn as an effective marketing and networking tool.

  • Paul Ashton

    Paul Ashton

    Gold Partner at PDA International

    Rachel has provided us with a comprehensive and creative insight into the benefits of exploiting LinkedIn to generate sales leads for our fledgling business. I'd recommend her to anyone interested in exploiting this increasingly important marketing tool.

  • Fiona Jones

    Fiona Jones

    Concierge and Lifestyle Manager | Event Organiser | Relocation Assistance

    I really enjoyed Rachel’s Advanced LinkedIn course. She is clearly a master of the subject matter and although a regular LinkedIn user myself, I learnt a great deal and gleaned some really useful tips which I have already put into practice.

  • Lynn Dowding

    Lynn Dowding

    Performance & Strengths Coach, Helping people to unleash their natural talents

    Rachel is a professional, focused and committed lady who has found a niche where she can play to her strengths. Her advice and counsel about LinkedIn and how it can benefit your business is well-researched and highly reliable. Rachel’s approach is friendly and always helpful.

  • Gill Werrett

    Gill Werrett

    Senior Protection Broker

    I attended Rachel's LinkedIn training course and found it very informative, she made it very easy to understand and I can now see how powerful LinkedIn can be, and how it can enhance my business.

  • Sarah Bingham

    Sarah Bingham

    Owner, Curadmin Ltd – Virtual Assistant – Virtual Office Services

    The LinkedIn training course this week was exactly what it said on the invite and I am looking forward to the next course for advanced users. The 2 hour course was detailed and engaging. The venue was perfect and with a tasty networking lunch afterwards, what more could you want from a course. Rachel is an excellent LinkedIn Coach and I highly recommend her coaching and courses.

  • Paul Baldwin

    Paul Baldwin

    UK and International Toy, Housewares and Leisure Sales

    Since meeting Rachel she has helped me with some very valuable training that has real meaning to my business. It's safe to say I am not a Social/Business Media Professional! However, Rachel is so continues to open my eyes, and add value to what I do. Thank you Rachel.

  • Tricia Turner

    Tricia Turner

    ITEC Dip, BAuk, Bowen Practitioner and Therapeutic Massage

    Rachel is extremely good at explaining detail and makes the Linkedin training both relevant and methodical moving at a pace to suit both the fastest and slowest in the group. Most definitely a useful and enjoyable training morning expanding my user knowledge of Linkedin.

  • Melissa Paulden

    Melissa Paulden

    Marketing Manager at SportsAble and The BNC

    Choose Rachel as your LinkedIn coach and it will be the best decision you ever make! I learnt so much from her and am now a confident LinkedIn beginner! I hope to attend more courses in the future. What a well spent, valuable few hours out of the office.

  • Charlotte Mckenty

    Charlotte Mckenty

    Trainee Solicitor at Barrett and Co Solicitors LLP

    Rachel's training was extremely helpful in improving my individual and law firm's LinkedIn abilities. Rachel explained the key features of LinkedIn to enable everyone to understand and use the site no matter how IT literate (or not) they are. Very useful session and I would definitely recommend using Rachel!

  • Kathy Turner

    Kathy Turner

    Web Designer I Web Developer I Currently Seeking Opportunities to Design and Maintain Websites

    I have had a 1-2-1 session with Rachel to help me with my LinkedIn profile which I found very useful.
    She gave me recommendations on keywords to use and where to place my keywords so as to make my profile rise higher in a search by recruiters. She impressed on me how this is a shop window for my skills and qualities.
    After applying her recommendations including writing some blogs, I have had an increase in views of my profile and a call from a Recruiter.
    She has also helped me with some networking tips and introduced me to some useful contacts.
    I would highly recommend Rachel.

  • Hannah Liversidge

    Hannah Liversidge

    offering virtual assistant support and social media management with passion

    Rachel was excellent at helping the whole room understand, in non-techy terms, how to utilise LinkedIn. From helping us create profiles that actually attracted people to us, to how to ensure we used it in the right way to build relationships.
    Her speaking skills were impeccable, and I would highly recommend her for any group training sessions, or 1-1 coaching. She truly knows her stuff when it comes to LinkedIn.

  • Holly Wagner

    Holly Wagner

    Video Production Services, Video Marketing

    I have attended one of Rachel's presentations about the benefits of using LinkedIn to build your business, a stage one LinkedIn workshop and also received one to one LinkedIn training. Rachel is incredibly talented at what she does and I cannot recommend her LinkedIn training services highly enough.

    Rachel has provided me with the invaluable tools to help build my business through my LinkedIn network, and I am incredibly grateful for the amount of time she has put into not only greatly improving my LinkedIn profile, but also in ensuring that I fully understood each aspect of making connections on LinkedIn and how to make my profile work for my business (something that was completely new to me).

    Rachel's workshops and one to one training are of fantastic value, and I will continue to recommend them to anybody who wants to understand how LinkedIn can boost their business and how they can connect with the right people. I genuinely look forward to each meeting I have with Rachel and have learnt so much. I have hugely benefitted from all of the help, support and advice Rachel has provided me with, and as a relatively young business have found this absolutely invaluable.

    A huge thanks again to Rachel and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

  • Clare Bingham

    Clare Bingham

    Operations Director at FMI Group, Brand Engagement Agency

    Rachel came recommended via a colleague as a LinkedIn specialist. From our initial introductions to completion of project Rachel was very professional, offered best advice at all stages and delivered work on time and to budget. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rachel for LinkedIn consultancy and copy writing.

  • George Hamilton

    George Hamilton

    Inquisitive Communications Consultant | Copywriter | Marketer | Journalist

    I attended one of Rachel's workshops recently and can recommend her services.
    The session was structured well and enabled us all to improve our profiles in real-time. Rachel's expertise was also evident from the Q and A, and she spoke eloquently on LinkedIn etiquette as well as more technical issues.

  • Martin Reynolds

    Martin Reynolds

    Head of Company & Commercial Department at Barrett & Co Solicitors LLP

    I have engaged two of Rachel's services to date, namely the LinkedIn profile writing service and a bespoke group training course that focused on using LinkedIn effectively. As a result of Rachel's professional help and guidance, I not only have a LinkedIn profile that I feel best represents what I can offer clients, but I have also gained a good understanding of how I can utilise LinkedIn to reach potential clients and a profitable network of industry connections. Rachel is skilled at explaining the benefits of using LinkedIn to its full potential, tailoring this information to the legal profession and helping to put in place time and cost effective LinkedIn marketing strategies that work.

  • Paul Fogg

    Paul Fogg

    Website Solutions I Web Developers

    I recently attended a LinkedIn course run by Rachel. She was really informative and professional. I came away with a host of things I could apply to my use of LinkedIn from the profile to looking at how to use the platform as a more productive business tool.

  • Justin Sadler

    Justin Sadler

    Partner/ Solicitor, Specialising in Solving Wills, Estates & Trust Disputes for Private Individuals & Charities

    Rachel is an expert in LinkedIn and with her previous background as a solicitor, she was an obvious choice to teach us about how to use LinkedIn and to write our profiles. Her instructions were clear and practical and she managed to help everyone, from beginners to more experienced users. She tailored her approach to our specific needs and provided a good follow up service. She also introduced us to a charity that led to one of our trainees receiving the Employee of the Year Award that was then featured on the Local News and Radio! I would certainly recommend Rachel's services.

  • Marianne Preece

    Marianne Preece

    Director at The Children's House (Hampshire) Ltd

    Having attended one of Rachel's workshops I now look at LinkedIn with different eyes. I try to be more human, less tentative and generally I am much more confident and focused using the site as a whole. As a result I am more aware of what's happening in my sector. Thank you Rachel.

  • Sharon Bowler

    Sharon Bowler

    Independent Consultant at ARBONNE INTERNATIONAL

    I highly recommend Rachel for any training on LinkedIn. She is professional, clear and easy to understand and a lovely person. I will definitely sign up for another of her workshops. Thank you.

  • Lynn Dowding

    Lynn Dowding

    Performance & Strengths Coach, Helping people to unleash their natural talents

    Rachel is a professional, focused and committed lady who has found a niche where she can play to her strengths. Her advice and counsel about LinkedIn and how it can benefit your business is well-researched and highly reliable. Rachel's approach is friendly and always helpful.

  • Sandra Kerns

    Sandra Kerns

    Jewellery Designer & Manufacturer, Hand-made silver & stone jewellery

    Rachel tutored a beginners linked in course that I attended in November 2015. I found Rachel to be very professional in her teaching and specific in her assistance with each attendee's linked in requirements. Rachel had viewed our linked in profiles before the course and was able to help with the main areas of each persons profile. She showed each of us how to make significant changes to our profile and increased our knowledge of linked in functions, even though the course was only a few hours. I enjoyed the course and found it very informative - Thank you Rachel

  • Vivienne Smith

    Vivienne Smith

    Regional Director at The Athena Network

    Rachel ran an excellent training for my networking group today. She remained calm under trying circumstances (technical difficulties and connection problems at the venue) and taught us lots of clever tips and tricks, which I will immediately be putting into action! Thank you Rachel!

  • Clare Johnson

    Clare Johnson

    Operations Manager at Windsor on Ice

    Fantastic relaxed LinkedIn Training Session run by Rachel, couldn’t recommend it enough for beginners like me.After the morning learning all the basics of setting up my profile correctly and how to connect and search for more useful connections, I now feel confident to use this to benefit our business. Highly professional through out. Thanks Rachel

  • Adrian Dunk

    Adrian Dunk

    Engage Property - Property Sales, Lettings, Management and Investments

    Having recently attended one of Rachel's LinkedIn workshops, I can highly recommend her and would advise any business to get in touch with her if you're looking to grow your client base and reach out to more people. Rachel presents very well and her training method is clear and patient.

  • Andrew Banning

    Andrew Banning

    Director of Virtuoso Business, Franchise and Property Consultancy, Author of The Reading Property Investment Blog

    Rachel's advice has been pivotal in promoting our business and getting our message out to the LinkedIn community. She made time to understand our business and helped us develop strategies to get the right message out, at the right time, to our potential customers!

  • Sophie Neill

    Sophie Neill

    Experienced Company Secretary

    Rachel is brilliant at helping with Linked in as a marketing tool. Her courses are good at encompassing all present and using individuals ideas to help everyone. She has used her experience in her previous career to help Linked in users generate leads. She encourages "linked in students" to get readers of their profiles to start conversation with them by putting interests into their own profile that get them noticed. In addition she encourages them to study other profiles to notice similar ways to start a correspondence with others that may be useful to them. This is a fantastic way to teach everyone to sell themselves and their businesses, something which does not come naturally to all. All in all excellent value for money.

  • Matt Devonport

    Matt Devonport

    Corporate Osteopath and DSE Workstation Assessor at Office Osteopaths | Healthy Staff, Health Business | Reading, London

    Being of the Facebook generation I thought I knew how to deal with LinkedIn but Rachel has opened up a whole new perspective of the site for me. I now know that it isn't just about posting updates but properly engaging with other users and how to do it. Rachel really gets into the mind of the audience which a lot of other LinkedIn trainers fail to do and explains the reasoning behind each piece of advice perfectly. Her social media skills in combination with her networking abilities and enthusiasm for helping small business make her one of the most valuable people in my local network.

  • Monica Charles

    Monica Charles

    Promoter of the Project 10 Challenge at Body By Vi | Visalus

    I always planned to make full use of my LinkedIn account and following training with Rachel I am inspired to get on with it. Rachel shows how easy it is to get started and make some great connections to increase business.

  • Jan Morton

    Jan Morton

    Image and Style Coach

    I sort of knew the basics about Linkedin, I'd set up my profile with lots of bits filled in but I didn't really know how to make the best use of it. In just 2 hours at Rachel's LinkedIn workshop I learnt such a lot. So many little hints and tips that you really don't get to know by just trying to get by on your own. Rachel is not only very patient but incredibly helpful and knowledgable. A great connector too.

  • Carolyne Wahlen

    Carolyne Wahlen

    Employment law expert to the UK Golf Industry - we know employment law so you don't have to!

    I knew I wasn't using LinkedIn as effectively as I could. With Rachel by my side, I had a perfectly customized training session on my profile. We could spend more time on my weak areas and just tweak the strong ones. Having an objective third party looking at my interactions and seeing how I could make them better was ideal. We also looked at new ways of connecting with potential leads. Two hours extremely well spent, and I am already seeing an increased level of interactions with my contacts.

  • Debbie Atkins

    Debbie Atkins

    Women in Business Networking, Personal Trainer and Nordic Walking Instructor

    Rachel's transition from the legal profession to a LinkedIn Expert is seamless. I have experienced Rachel's LinkedIn training as a 121 session and within a group environment - both are excellent as is when she has given presentations at networking events. Rachel has great depth to her knowledge of LinkedIn and applies this to your business so that you gain the maximum benefit from her training.
    Rachel is a great networker and I am proud that she is a member of The Reading Athena Network and is not only helping myself but so many of The Athena Network members not just in the Reading area - thank you Rachel for your support.

  • Penny Campbell

    Penny Campbell

    Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, Helping women to get a better lifestyle, income and future financial security

    After a consultation with Rachel, I understood how LinkedIn can really help me build my business. She has a real in depth knowledge of how to build your profile so that you can attract the right partners and clients. With something as personal as building your profile Rachel really took the time to understand my business and nothing was too much trouble. I definitely recommend having a meeting with her to find out what she can do for your business.

  • Julie Marsden

    Julie Marsden

    HR, Employment Law, Learning & Development solutions to SME’s and large Corporates in the UK & Internationally

    I asked Rachel to give me a 1-2-1 orientation sessions on Linkedin, its functionality, recruitment options and just generally improving my knowledge. Rachel is excellent at taking you through one step at a time, ensuring you learn as you go and is always taking your training needs into account. The session was informative, fun and Rachel articulates extremely well how it all works and she is also very patient, which helped me enormously. I would highly recommend Rachel to any business or professional person wanting to get more out of their Linkedin activity.

  • Linda Huckle

    Linda Huckle

    Developing and Inspiring People and Businesses to Grow and Succeed

    Rachel has a pragmatic approach to her training, and had clearly done her research before I arrived for my session. She made some very sensible suggestions about how to change my profile to become more business focussed and less of an online CV. I implemented some of these during the training session and came away with a list of actions, which I’m gradually working my way through. As a trainer myself, I particularly liked Rachel’s style of working and appreciated her practical and constructive suggestions. I would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone who wants to learn how to make the most of LinkedIn for their business.

  • Claire Tull

    Claire Tull

    Interior Designer creating practical, elegant, timeless and comfortable interiors for both city and country living

    Rachel’s passion and enthusiasm for making the most of your business connections is completely motivational and inspiring. Her knowledge and guidance are invaluable. Working with Rachel is a pure joy.

  • Elaine Temple

    Elaine Temple

    Community Fundraiser at Berkshire East and South Bucks Womens Aid

    I would highly recommend Rachel as an excellent LinkedIn Coach. I am a complete novice with regard to LinkedIn, and was very quickly able to set up my profile professionally and properly, the advice given was easy to follow and I now feel able and capable of utilising these skills to my advantage as a Community Fundraiser.

  • Janet Alkema

    Janet Alkema

    Business and Life Coach

    Rachel is brilliant at getting the best out of LinkedIn for her clients – she certainly helped me rewrite my summary and experience to be far more effective than it was. She is also very patient, supportive and encouraging in getting this reluctant LinkedInner to actually and actively engage with the whole process! Thank you Rachel.

  • Elizabeth Larkin

    Elizabeth Larkin

    New Business Manager for Ascot Lawyers/Business Development, Director & Trustee for Wokingham & Bracknell Mencap Ltd

    I worked alongside Rachel for just under a year. Throughout that time Rachel used LikedIn so effectively that she delivered a number of new business transactions purely as a result of effective networking. Rachel has the ability to build lasting and effective relationships with those she comes into contact with, often using platforms such as LinkedIn to provide an introduction. Rachel has the ability to view a business holistically and to see the potential for new business in sectors that are not obvious at first. It was a privilege for me to work alongside Rachel.

  • Tina Cleary

    Tina Cleary

    Pregnancy & Newborn Photographer, Capturing Precious Pregnancy/Newborn Images & Creating Unique Photofilms

    Rachel is very professional, knowledgeable and great to work with. Rachel has completed and optimized my linkedIn profile and delivered exactly what she promised and more. Rachel actually has got me excited about LinkedIn which says a lot about how passionate she is about what she does. I am very pleased with both the personal service and finished results.

    Rachel has offered me so much support thorough out and discussing my business with her gave me more direction with my business goals, how I want to help my customers and what I want to achieve. I have also received training after the profile was optimised and have found all the hints and tips to be invaluable.

    LinkedIn is finally making sense. I look forward to putting all the training into practice. I can highly recommend Rachel.

  • Laura Knight

    Laura Knight

    Business Development Manager at Ingo Ltd, providing innovative and cost effective Business IT Solutions

    A Linked In profile, is a brilliant but time consuming necessity as far as being a professional is concerned and also for raising brand awareness. As a start-up company, we knew it was imperative to add ourselves and the company onto Linked in. She came in to the offices to learn a bit about what our company do and understand the message we are trying to portray. Rachel has a clear skill for copywriting with the added bonus of understanding the minefield, Linked In, so was able to go away and produce my SEO heavy profile within one week. Something that would have no doubt taken me months to get around to. Passing the responsibility on to Rachel was a weight off my mind and it allowed me to concentrate on laying the foundations for a successful start-up company.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    Andrew Mitchell

    Environment, EIA and Sustainability Professional with an Outcome-Driven Approach to Infrastructure and Development

    Rachel is extremely knowledgeable about Linkedin and the ways in which it can help or hinder business opportunities. She has provided me with excellent advice and training on getting my profile just right, and using the system to best effect, and I am already starting to see the results.

  • Gina Allwood

    Gina Allwood

    Child, Family and Immigration Barrister at 7 Bedford Row Chambers

    Rachel is an extremely conscientious LinkedIn Consultant. She has gone over and above what was asked of her when compiling my profile and her attention to detail is outstanding. She correctly identified relevant and lucrative business opportunities and her ideas have resulted in great success. The 2 stage approach of firstly compiling the profile and secondly, tuition with LinkedIn, ensured that I understood the importance of updating the profile and also the methods of interacting with other organisations. Highly recommended!

  • Derek Broad

    Derek Broad

    Legal Headhunter and Director, Wesley Broad Partners Limited

    I recommend Rachel as an excellent LinkedIn Coach. She was able to grasp and understand very quickly how my business operates and services the needs of both my clients and candidates. She was soon able to draft my LinkedIn profile in a professional and orderly manner.

    Rachel's advice on using LinkedIn as an effective business tool with the recruitment sector was easy to understand and follow. I now feel more confident and capable in making far greater use of the benefits of LinkedIn within my business.

    Overall, Rachel is extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable and is already well connected within her sector with the list growing on a daily basis.

  • Nina Panesar-Woods

    Nina Panesar-Woods

    Mortgage & Protection Specialist, Personally Tailoring Financial Packages to fit your Residential & Commercial Need

    Rachel has helped me with one of those jobs I have put off. She has helped me to organise my LinkedIn profile and given me extra training on using the site for its full potential and to add quality to my business. She is helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable.