LinkedIn – isn’t it just for jobseekers?

Getting sales using LinkedIn for Law Firms

Here are my top 4 reasons for not just registering on LinkedIn, but using it effectively in order to grow your network, brand, client base, lead bank and profitability.

I’m regularly asked this question and although people’s perceptions of LinkedIn have changed over the past few years, some people still view LinkedIn as a social media platform with one aim- to help individuals secure their next career move.

If utilised properly, LinkedIn will help to showcase you to potential employers as an ideal future employee; but LinkedIn’s value goes far beyond this. As the world’s largest professional social platform, LinkedIn should be a central feature of all commercial marketing strategies.

What impression do you want to give?

If you were to enter your full name into Google, you’d find that your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things listed within the search results. This is also what business associates, customers, colleagues and other industry contacts see when they search for you by name.

Your LinkedIn profile should be viewed as an online presence that showcases your own personal or commercial ‘brand’. Too often, important profile fields are left blank, much of the information is out of date and LinkedIn isn’t used on a daily basis so vital professional relationships aren’t established or nurtured.

Make LinkedIn part of your daily commercial activity:

Here are my top 4 reasons for not just registering on LinkedIn, but using it effectively in order to grow your network, brand, client base, lead bank and profitability:

1. You have the opportunity to connect with real decision makers.  If you’ve got a product or service to sell, and you’re not currently utilising LinkedIn as a selling tool, then you’ll know how frustrating it is to try and reach a key decision maker. 200 emails flood your prospect’s inbox every day and 90% of decision makers say they would never buy as a result of cold calls or emails. The good news? 50% of LinkedIn members say they would consider buying from a company they’ve engaged with on LinkedIn.

2. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to communicate regularly with your professional contacts and ‘hot’ leads.  By setting unique follow-up reminders for each of your LinkedIn connections, you need never fear forgetting to follow-up a vital lead again.

3. You’ll receive recommendations from clients who have already purchased your products or services.  Recommendations and endorsements are invaluable.  Prospective clients are more impressed by an impartial recommendation than by anything else.

4. You get to participate in up to 50 LinkedIn groups. Once you learn how to use LinkedIn effectively, you’ll have the confidence to search out groups that are full of your prospective clients, you’ll know how to find and comment on topics that are trending among members and you’ll have the opportunity to be found by group members who are searching LinkedIn for your product or service offering.

To be directed to another blog of mine that discusses how you can ensure you join the right groups on LinkedIn, please click here.

If you’d like to understand how to properly utilise LinkedIn in a cost and time effective way to boost your business, then please have a look at my LinkedIn training courses in Reading.


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