Taking advantage of the new LinkedIn polls feature

To describe a new LinkedIn polls feature

LinkedIn is rolling out what it refers to as a new ‘lightweight’ poll feature. The platform states that it takes only 30 seconds to put a poll together, making it a quick and easy way to engage with other users on both LinkedIn and Twitter, where it can also be shared.

How it works

Once the feature has been rolled out, users can find a ‘Create a Poll’ option within the post composer.

Once the question has been formulated, up to four possible responses can be added.

The post can run for a choice of one day, three days, one week or two weeks.

There is also a choice of who to share the poll with. You can select either your own LinkedIn network, the members of a group that you are in, event attendees or simply open it to the whole of LinkedIn and Twitter. The default setting is ‘Anyone’, and once visibility has been set and the poll published, it cannot be changed.

A post can be created to accompany the poll, with hashtags to help people find it.

The results are visible only to you and if the poll is created by a LinkedIn page, by the other page admins. You will be able to see the aggregate results in a percentage format as well as to who voted and how they voted. Respondents will not be able to see how other people voted.

Respondents to the poll will also be able to add comments and reactions, should they wish to do so.

The benefits of creating a poll

Finding out what your target audience feels about something can be invaluable. A poll gives them the opportunity to quickly and easily respond to your question without the need to formulate a long response, unless they wish to do so.

It is also a great way to boost engagement. People like helping out with a question and quite often it will start a conversation which will not only strengthen your connections but can also offer bigger insights into your question.

You could ask about business tools, courses and marketing ideas. It is also a good way to conduct market research and ask respondents what is important to them or what they would like to see next from you.

In summary

A LinkedIn poll has more gravitas than a poll on other social media platforms because of the purely professional sphere that LinkedIn operates in.

A well thought out poll can help you decide on the right direction for your business and enable you to make educated choices and avoid mistakes.

It also opens the possibility of better engagement, both with those in the same business as you and your customers or clients. The advantage of a poll is that once someone has offered their help and opinion, they feel slightly more invested in you and your business.

With the ease of which a poll can be set up, it is definitely worth trying a few questions to see what sort of responses you receive.

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