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This guest blog has been written by Toni Kent, Freelance Writer, Blogger and Storyteller

As someone who writes for others for a living, it can be extremely hard to showcase my work. Blog posts and articles that I’ve ghostwritten? Can’t always share those. Email sales campaigns? Can’t always share those either. Web copy? Depends on the client. And in fact, sharing that stuff would be quite boring to a lot of my clients, prospective or otherwise. That’s because…

They don’t want to read about other people

Someone looking for a good ghostwriter or copywriter is not interested in how great the writer has made someone else sound, they want to know how amazing the writer can make them sound. The writer needs to be able reassure the client that this will happen without giving away their work via a free trial, and the client wants to feel they’re not taking a risk on an unknown quantity. So what’s a writer to do….?

Writers need to generate content

And while the purists may sigh, they may also be wondering why they’re not getting any work. Any writer worth their salt both wants and needs their work to be discovered. People take up writing careers because they love language and words, and any recognition of their skill is like pennies from heaven. They also like to get paid real pennies too. Which is why I love LinkedIn.

A perfect platform for writers

Prior to the ability to publish articles on LinkedIn being extended beyond the exclusive “Influencers” to us mere mortals, the way most people found me was via my blog – it was the reason behind my first two ghostwriting contracts. The only problem with the blog is that it contains a lot of stuff that might not be high on a potential client’s business agenda (poems about annoying washing machines being one of them).

Meanwhile on LinkedIn, I’d have lots of people looking at my profile in a professional context, but no real way for them to get a view on how I write for business. Unless they went to my website, but that would involve a click-through which for many just becomes a barrier. Not a problem anymore.

The ability to author LinkedIn articles mean that I have a place where I can share my thoughts on business in a natural voice, leaving the blog free for the fun stuff. It gives potential clients a chance to try my writing for size before deciding whether to approach me, and it gives me the opportunity to do what any good writer should do, and that is to write.


Toni Kent is a freelance writer, blogger and storyteller who helps individuals and businesses get their stories across in a memorable way.  You can view her LinkedIn profile here: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/tonijkent

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