LinkedIn Stories is now live in the UK

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UK users of LinkedIn now have the chance to create Stories to share with their connections. The new feature has gone live, offering the chance to communicate via a short video message.

This has long been a feature of other platforms. By introducing it, LinkedIn hopes to give professionals every possible format and feedback opportunity.

Pete Davies, Head of Content Products at LinkedIn, says: ‘We’ve learned so much already about the unique possibilities of Stories in a professional context. For example, the sequencing of the Stories format is great for sharing key moments from work events, the full-screen narrative style makes it easy to share tips and tricks that help us work smarter, and the way Stories opens up new messaging threads makes it easier for someone to say, “and by the way… I noticed you know Linda, could you introduce me?”’

LinkedIn Stories explained

Stories are brief, full-screen, vertical videos, appearing separately to a member’s feed.

As can be seen on other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, they are ephemeral content, disappearing after a period of time, unless saved.

LinkedIn believes that users are keen to engage in this way and that they appreciate the short, fast, ‘in the moment’ quality that Stories offer. This is particularly the case with younger users.

Pete Davies explains, ‘Last year, we started asking ourselves what Stories might look like in a professional context. Stories first appeared on Snapchat, with other platforms like Instagram and Facebook adopting them soon after. They spread for a good reason: they offer a lightweight, fun way to share an update without it having to be perfect or attached to your profile forever.  

‘Does that exist in the business world? I’d hope that most of my interactions in the break room or passing people in the hall are similarly ephemeral and light. The same holds true for cubicle and coffee shop banter around the world: sometimes we want a way to just make a connection, have a laugh with our colleagues and move on.’

Using LinkedIn Stories

Stories is a quick and easy way to talk directly to your connections about developments in your industry or new offerings that you have.

You can seek feedback and advice or post a poll or Q&A, which are typically attractive to users and usually receive a good response. This is a great way to conduct market research and gain a greater understanding of what people want and need from your business. You can also sound out those in the same industry as you and promote helpful discussions about different aspects of your profession.

If you’re attending an event, you can let people know what you’re gaining from it and whether it’s worth going next time, or give them details if you’re putting a function that you’d like to invite them to.

Keep your stories in line with your brand and aim to use the feature evenly. For example, don’t use it every day for a week and then have a big gap; try and space out your usage so that your connections know what to expect.

Make sure your content is useful or informative for your circle. Stories can be short, but they should leave the viewer with a sense of your expertise and professionalism.

The benefits of creating LinkedIn Stories

The fact that a story won’t be around forever encourages viewers to watch it when it appears, rather than leave it for another time. This can be capitalised on by LinkedIn users who have messages they want communicated without delay.

By appearing frequently in front of your connections, you will strengthen your bond with them and they will become increasingly familiar with you and your brand and consequently be more likely to use and recommend your products or services.

Engagement with LinkedIn Stories is likely to be high, as it is with the publishing platform. Add to this the fact that when a Story is shared, it will appear in front of your connections’ connections and the reach of good Stories will be impressive.

In summary

The new feature is a chance to put your face and your brand in front of your connections, to increase your authority and to expand your reach. Readers who find something that may be of use to their connections, or who may have connections who can answer your questions, will pass on relevant Stories.

Creating posts will give you another aspect to your marketing and connecting work and promises to be an easy, fun way to benefit your professional standing.

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