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As economic turmoil continues, an increasing number of people are looking for a new job. LinkedIn has always been uniquely placed to help the jobseeker, but with the launch of its new Career Explorer tool, it is stepping in to help those who are seeking a change of direction.

How LinkedIn Career Explorer aims to help jobseekers

While people often move from one job to another very similar position, the disruption caused by the pandemic is forcing many to consider a different career. What may have initially felt like a blow, may end up being the opportunity they need to pursue something new.

The Career Explorer tool will look at the skills a worker has in their current or past positions and link them to in-demand jobs. LinkedIn gives the example of a food server in the US who has 71 per cent of the skills needed to be a customer service specialist, currently an in-demand position.

LinkedIn say that some 26 million members globally may have all the necessary skills to qualify for an in-demand job if they could learn two more skills. To help bridge the gap, the Career Explorer tool will highlight the skills needed and suggest LinkedIn Learning courses that are available to teach them.

Using LinkedIn Career Explorer

By entering your existing career into Career Explorer, you can see a list of possible career transitions. LinkedIn will list the skills you have in common with those needed for the potential new position and will identify those which you need to acquire.

You will also see a list of available jobs in your locality and an easy way to connect with LinkedIn members who might be able to help you find employment in a new field.

The tool has been rolled out globally, in English, with further localisations and enhancements due to be added over the coming months. To find out more and start using it, check out LinkedIn’s Career Explorer page.

Professional help

LinkedIn has an incredible reach for professionals aiming to kick-start or further their career. Your LinkedIn profile is vitally important in this respect. It provides all your information to potential employers and it will form their first impression of you and your suitability as a candidate. A strong profile will put you ahead of the competition from the start.

At Links2Leads we can work with you to optimise your profile and help you make the connections you need to find success.

Our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service offers three different options, as follows:

LinkedIn Profile Review Service

We’ll go through your entire profile with you during a one-hour call via Zoom or telephone, to assess the effectiveness of your existing profile and offer our professional opinion on making improvements to all sections.

The Professional Profile

The professional profile service starts with a one-hour face-to-face or Zoom consultation. Following this, we will create a personalised LinkedIn URL for your profile, add links to any website or other social media pages you may have, research and draft a strong profile headline, write a compelling ‘About’ section and optimise your ‘Current Experience’ section. We will also suggest up to ten targeted LinkedIn groups where you are likely to make the right connections for your area of expertise.

The Expert Profile

The expert profile service is the ideal option for jobseekers. It starts with a two-hour face-to-face or Zoom consultation and extensive advice on improving your profile. As well as the services provided under the Professional Profile package, we will improve and add to all of your experience sections, ensuring that your profile is tailored to your specific areas of interest.

We will also help you add a customised headline banner and any relevant multimedia attachments you may have, such as videos, PowerPoint presentations, photographs and PDFs which demonstrate your expertise in your subject, details of relevant courses you have undertaken, any prizes and awards you may have received, your voluntary work and support and links to publications, blogs or projects that you have published or appeared in.

All other sections, where possible, will also be completed, to include business organisations where you have membership and languages spoken.

For an additional charge, we can also review and amend your CV to ensure that it is as clear and persuasive as possible.


Having the right LinkedIn profile is vital when looking for a job in a competitive market. A professional profile will not only help you stand out from the crowd, but it will show a potential employer exactly how you could be of value to their organisation by clearly demonstrating the experience and skills that you have.

At Links2Leads we understand exactly what needs to be included in a profile and what should be prioritised. If your profile needs work so that you can confidently apply for the job you really want, find out more here, speak to Rachel and her team on 0118 380 5980 or fill out our Contact Form.

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