Well, blocked from my LinkedIn Connections, for sure….

1. School Uniform

When using LinkedIn, you should always be in business mode. Think of it as always wearing a suit and tie.

Consider the content of your Status Updates. Is this the way you would behave in the boardroom or at a presentation to a new client?


No more what is the first letter that can be spotted in the word search…

No more fluffy animals dressed up as Superman being circulated…

No more pictures of your holidays……

2. Don’t get your classes mixed up….

LinkedIn is about educating your business connections and becoming viewed as the expert in your field.

No more mentions of the purchase of your latest lottery ticket (even if you did just win the jackpot!)

No more mentions of your weekend antics

If you want casual, chatty conversation, swop classes to Facebook or Twitter.

3. Or get your languages mixed up..

Using Twitter language such as #, @, RT, shortening of words and phrases on LinkedIn is absolute laziness!

Just because technology allows you to do something doesn’t mean you should without thinking of the consequences. Each Social platform has its own language.

4. Continuous shouting and swearing will NOT be tolerated in any circumstances.

Your Status Updates have a far longer shelf life than a Tweet. You don’t need to post a Status Update every hour unless you have something extremely valuable content to add on each occasion.


Q- Are you on the verge of being blocked by one of your connections?

Alter these bad habits before it is too late otherwise you could be losing extremely valuable business connections through your own actions……..

ALSO – If you are a business owner, consider reviewing your employees’ updates on LinkedIn as they could be inadvertently damaging your company credibility.