On LinkedIn, sometimes they can be a real hindrance and prevent you actually being found for your services.

When I initially start work with many of my clients, they describe themselves as a DIRECTOR , FOUNDER or OWNER of their companies….

One of the first steps in creating a LinkedIn profile that sells you is having the right keywords in it and that is vitally important for your Profile Headline. If potential clients are looking on LinkedIn for the products or services you offer and you’re not showing up in their search, then that is a major lost opportunity!


Let’s say you are the Director of a Solicitor’s firm. Those words are titles, rather than the services you offer. So on LinkedIn, instead of using the keyword Director, say Solicitor. You want to be found for your legal services not your Status on Companies House.


You have 120 characters and I would suggest you use them all to ensure your Profile sells. Use at least one or two keywords relevant to your industry. This carries a huge amount of weight in LinkedIn’s algorithm causing your Profile to show up at the top of the search results.

However, it is not enough to just show up in the search results because you have a lot of competition. To ensure that you are the one that potential clients buy from, you need to include a headline that captures your readers’ attention and intrigues them enough to want to click on your Profile. You want to make the reader curious about you and read the rest of your Profile!

Let’s take a look at my LinkedIn Headline.

“LinkedIn Expert I LinkedIn Trainer I Helping to Create and Maintain Profitable Business Relationships”

I have my keywords in there immediately as I want to be found as a LinkedIn Expert and a LinkedIn Trainer. However, I am also very passionate about showing people how LinkedIn is an amazingly powerful Social Selling tool in that used effectively it can help you on your journey of gaining a new client or a new strategic alliance. After you have been to your networking/business meetings, it should become good practice to connect with that individual and then build on that relationship. Work towards a one to one meeting so that you can learn more about that individual and create a professional relationship.

Maintaining Business Relationships – I state that in my Headline as when I was a Solicitor, I found LinkedIn to be a wonderful time saving tool in that I could daily (five minutes a day) keep abreast of my professional connections. I was aware of what news they wanted to share about their business and support them. I could gain valuable data such as their business anniversary or birthday to add the personal element and message them on these important occasions.

Do let me know of what changes you make to your LinkedIn Profile Headline as a result of reading this article.