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Nearly three million LinkedIn members have published long-form articles on LinkedIn Pulse and now at long last, LinkedIn have rolled out a new publishing experience which they state will make it even easier for us to reach out and engage with our audience on LinkedIn. One of their company goals when they purchased the Pulse newsreader app in 2013 was to boost its digital publishing and become the “definitive professional publishing platform”.

I personally LOVE the LinkedIn #blogging platform and really enjoy reading my professional connections blogs in which they share their experiences, opinions and perspectives. I have learnt so much about them and their businesses and helps me in my role as a “LinkedIn Connector” to easily recommend the right people for the right job/services.

Also when I was a Solicitor, I used LinkedIn to publish my #legal blogs. This gave myself and my legal firm the opportunity FOR FREE to build up the KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST FACTOR amongst my connections. When my connections engaged with my posts through liking, sharing and commenting that helped me to spread our message even further and resulted in new and profitable connections in the form of new clients.

So, what has changed?

1.      A New Interface

The editor is now a full-width experience and includes more font options (three) and more text formatting. Banners and screens are now displayed full width. I have to admit I did enjoy writing this blog more on this interface as it was distraction free. Will this rollout to the rest of LinkedIn such as the home page which now seems in dire need of a facelift?

2.      Multi-Media

They have made it easier to add, move and resize multimedia with in-line images, videos, slides, podcasts and more via dragging and dropping. The interactivity of your posts should ensure your content is more engaging. Just click on the Add Multimedia icon ( a small plus button sits at the beginning of the paragraph you are writing in) and follow the simple instructions. The only downside is there is no support for image resizing which can be frustrating.

3.  Reading Experience

It has also removed a lot of “junk” from the page to give the reader a better reading view.

LinkedIn has adopted and customised Quill as an editor. Quill uses a Document object Management Abstraction layer instead of interacting directly with the document object. This makes the publishing process cleaner, faster and more reliable. LinkedIn plan to build on this and introduce collaborative editing and custom rich media types.

Finally, the tagging system which used to be at the end of your LinkedIn blogs has now disappeared as the system has been updated to support hashtags, which writers can add to articles to increase discoverability. I am not a fan of this as the hashtag reminds me too much of Twitter and I feel that they are two different platforms with two different languages.

Testimonial as to the power of LinkedIn Publisher

I recently had amazing feedback from one of my clients, a senior partner in a law firm in that following their first post on LinkedIn they had over 100 new followers, and their profile views were up 40% through regularly blogging on LinkedIn Pulse every fortnight!

Therefore, for business-based bloggers, can you really afford not to dip your toe into this publishing platform?

I would welcome hearing from you on your success stories or frustrations linked with LinkedIn Blogging and your thoughts on these changes.

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