Don’t let self-isolation make you feel isolated – keep connected digitally on LinkedIn

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As the impact of the Coronavirus is felt on a huge scale, both physically and economically, many businesses and their employees are considering working-from-home as a way to help mitigate the spread of the Corvid-19 and keep people safe. As someone who has worked-from-home for many years, and who also manages a remote home-based team, I know there can be fears of loneliness when the opportunities to interact personally with colleagues, clients and people in your network are severely restricted.

So, for both the good of your mental wellbeing, as well as the commercial benefits, it’s important to remember that whilst you may now be physically working in your dining room, you can still be networking, locally, nationally or even internationally, just in a ‘virtual’ sense.

LinkedIn has always been a powerful tool to identify, grow and strengthen your network of contacts and it can be done from your laptop without the need to be present physically. If you haven’t used LinkedIn much, now is the time to review your profile, check it is optimised and accurately reflects you and your unique personality, experience and skill set.

Once that is complete you can use LinkedIn to both reach out to your existing contacts (many of whom may be in the same position as you), and also identify and connect with others to expand your network with the prospect of meeting them in person once we are all in a position to mix more freely. You can also join LinkedIn Groups with like-minded individuals in your own or related-industries to discuss ideas and knowledge swap. These interactions can also lead to conference, phone and video calls which enable you to continue to feel connected to the outside world.

Remember, LinkedIn is a free and powerful tool that can help you stay connected, ensure knowledge and expertise is transferred, and social and professional isolation is reduced. Take the opportunity to use it. 

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