LinkedIn tips for jobseekers

When used effectively, LinkedIn is an incredibly strong tool for jobseekers. The leading professional networking site allows those looking for a new challenge to showcase their strengths and achievements and target their ideal organisations and positions.

Recruiters and HR managers routinely trawl social media sites looking for new talent, so it pays to make sure your profile is as strong as possible and designed to attract the attention of people in the right sector. Once your LinkedIn page has been perfected you can also use the platform to search for positions.

1.     Headline and photo

These are the first things a potential employer will see when they look at your profile. Your headline, which appears below your name, should clearly state your position and include keywords relating to your niche, for example, Head of IT or Chief Operations Officer. You can add a few words of explanation if your job is less well known or if you feel it adds to the headline. Your photo should be clear and professional and in a similar style to that of others in your industry.

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