Why LinkedIn works for writers

This guest blog has been written by Toni Kent, Freelance Writer, Blogger and Storyteller

As someone who writes for others for a living, it can be extremely hard to showcase my work. Blog posts and articles that I’ve ghostwritten? Can’t always share those. Email sales campaigns? Can’t always share those either. Web copy? Depends on the client. And in fact, sharing that stuff would be quite boring to a lot of my clients, prospective or otherwise. That’s because… Read More


LinkedIn groups: Run them like a pro

This guest blog has been written by Fi Shailes.  Fi works as a Digital Media Manager in the financial services sector, with previous experience in local authority / not-for-profit organisations. She also freelances on a part-time basis.

I’ve written this blog for Digital Drum to give some focus to the role of group owners (and because it might be cathartic for me to be honest).

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