The Expert Profile

Cost: £714 incl VAT

What is included?

A read through of your most up-to-date CV, followed by a two-hour face-to-face consultation (within a 20-mile radius of Reading) or a Skype or telephone consultation in order to discuss your requirements and timeframes. After this, all tasks listed under ‘The Professional Profile’ service will be undertaken for you; in addition, I will:

  • Upload a customised headline banner and professional profile photograph (as supplied by you).
  • Populate all of your previous Experience and Education sections.
  • Add any relevant multimedia attachments (as supplied by you) in the form of videos, PowerPoint presentations, photographs, PDFs, brochures etc. to your Experience section.
  • Link to existing LinkedIn Company Pages within your Experience section.
  • List any prizes and awards you have received.
  • Detail professional courses that you have undertaken, where they add credibility to your profile.
  • Detail voluntary work you have undertaken, organisations you support and the voluntary opportunities that you would like to be notified of in the future.
  • Link any of your relevant publications, blogs and projects to your profile.
  • Complete all other relevant, but optional, sections within your profile as appropriate (i.e. languages spoken, business organisations that you are a member of, patents you have been granted etc.).


The Professional Profile

Cost: £474 incl VAT

What is included?

A read through of your most up-to-date CV, followed by a one-hour face-to-face consultation (within a 20-mile radius of Reading) or a Skype or telephone consultation in order to discuss your requirements and timeframes. Following this, I will:

  • Customise a personalised LinkedIn URL for your profile.
  • Populate the Contact Information section, add a link to your relevant website and social media pages.
  • Research and draft a professional and captivating profile headline.
  • Write a compelling About section* and an optimised Current Experience section* to guarantee maximum impact and exposure.
  • Add a maximum of 25 relevant skills.
  • Suggest a maximum of 10 targeted LinkedIn groups for you to join, carefully chosen based on your target audience, market sector and geographical location.


*Please note, drafts of the Summary and Current Experience sections and our lists of suggested skills will be sent to you for your approval before being uploaded to your LinkedIn profile. Amendments, where necessary, are restricted to a maximum of two re-drafts.

What’s the difference between an Expertly Written Linkedin Profile and a Profile that you’ve written yourself?

The difference lies in the detail. For example:

  • There’s little point in having a wonderfully written profile if nobody finds it. At this very moment, other members are searching LinkedIn for a specific service or product that they are in need of. Will they find you? By keyword optimising your profile, I can ensure that your profile is picked up by LinkedIn’s search engine and in turn by the people who matter.
  • Your profile should market you as an industry expert and as someone who can offer a ‘solution’ to the reader through your unique product, service or expertise. When communicated in the right way, a professionally written profile will work hard on your behalf, enticing readers to connect with you.

It’s Your Worldwide Professional Platform

Have you ever Googled your own name? If not, try it. If you have a LinkedIn profile then it should appear somewhere towards the top of the returned search results. It’s what you’ll want customers, colleagues, recruiters and associates to see when they search for you online. Are you taking full advantage of this invaluable opportunity? Does your profile do you justice and are you happy with what people might see? If not, then my LinkedIn profile writing service is for you.

The Profile Review Service

Cost: £180 incl VAT

What is included?

A one-hour Skype or telephone consultation to verbally review your existing LinkedIn profile. We’ll discuss:

  • Your profile photo: Do you have one? If so, does it communicate the right message?
  • Your headline: Are you using all available characters to describe what you can offer the reader? Are you utilising your unique keywords?
  • Your contact information: What should you display and where?
  • The About section: What structure should you use and how should an effective Summary be written?
  • Your Current Experience section: What information should you include here and what structure should you adopt?
  • Your call to action: What you need to include and where.
  • Your previous experience: Are you showcasing how you got to where you are today?
  • Skills and Endorsements: What to think about when adding and reordering your skills. Why are they so important?

At the end of our consultation, you should feel confident about redrafting a more effective LinkedIn profile yourself.


Your LinkedIn training courses are priced at £125 per person per course. What do I get for this?

The Links2Leads LinkedIn training courses are priced competitively and represent excellent value for money.

    • The Stage 1 training course lasts three hours. Due to the nature of this course, a great deal of time and effort is put into establishing the foundations and ensuring that all attendees are given the opportunity to ask whatever questions they may have, within a positive environment. This course is designed to build your LinkedIn confidence, teach you how to start getting results from your LinkedIn efforts, establish the etiquette rules that everyone should know and start you on the road of Social Selling. The Stage 1 training course is incredibly interactive; you will learn as you go by following along using your own laptop or tablet.
    • The Stage 2 training course takes what you have learnt to the next level. Over three hours you will be shown how to generate those new leads for your business in the most time and cost effective way possible. You’ll be taught how to become an expert Social Seller, learning how to seek out new people to connect with, how to utilise groups, how to blog and how to establish yourself as a thought leader and expert in your field. At the end of the course, you will be sent an exclusive gift of 25 blog titles that are proven to work.

The courses offer you incredible value for money, but if you’d like to see what previous attendees have said about the courses then please click here.

How many people generally attend your Stage 1 or Stage 2 training courses?

This can vary depending upon the course venue, location and time of year. However, most courses attract an average of ten delegates. Attendees will come from a wide range of industries and sectors but they will share a common goal: everyone wants to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively and grow their lead bank or business as a result.

I think I know quite a lot about using LinkedIn. Do I have to attend your Stage 1 course or can I skip straight to Stage 2?

It is recommended that you attend the Stage 1 LinkedIn training course before Stage 2, simply to ensure that you get the most out of the training and experience. A number of vital areas are covered during Stage 1 and these are essentially the building blocks that are developed and built upon during Stage 2. Everyone who attends the Stage 2 LinkedIn training course should have the same basic knowledge in order to maximise the group’s learning experience.

Take a look at the testimonials section by clicking here to see what past attendees have said about their experience of the Stage 1 course and the benefits they have enjoyed as a result.