Rachel Tombs worked as a practising Solicitor for more than 15 years, using LinkedIn not only to build a network of strategic alliances but also to attract new clients and to establish herself as a thought leader across various practice areas.

Marketing a professional services firm increasingly demands that you think outside of the box, working harder to reach clients who would previously have chosen your services without a second thought. Price comparison websites have entered the market, competitors have started opening up satellite offices across the country to capitalise on client demand in certain areas, regulation has increased and clients are becoming more and more swayed by social media when deciding which company’s services they should use.

As the vast majority of your prospective clients will be on LinkedIn, you should be there too. Your presence should not be passive: LinkedIn should form part of your daily routine of engaging with existing and potential clients, informing your connections about matters that interest them and establishing yourself in advance as the expert they should call when they need a service in the future. By doing this, you’ll be investing in a marketing strategy that puts you ahead of your competition in the most time and cost effective way possible.

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