What can I expect as a client of Links2Leads?

The team at Links2Leads have worked with over 300 businesses, helping them get their brand noticed, build influence and create a lasting, profitable network on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn services include, but are not limited to, LinkedIn Profile Writing, delivering LinkedIn Training Courses and bespoke 1-to-1 LinkedIn Coaching.

We’re as invested as you are in making sure any LinkedIn marketing activities you undertake maximize your visibility the market and deliver a return on your investment. After we have scoped out your needs, we will give you a proposal and price up front that clearly explains our charges and gives you the security of knowing exactly what you’ll get from your investment.

With Links2Leads expertise, you can define your own unique brand, find your digital voice, drive sales and increase engagement using LinkedIn as an effective online marketplace.

LinkedIn is social media, right? How can that help my business?

A lot of people associate social media with teenagers sending selfies on their mobiles or people posting photos of their breakfast/ puppy/ child’s first day at school. But social media is much, much more than that, and LinkedIn is the world’s most effective commercial social network that professionals can use to create awareness and generate business opportunities.

Social media is about connecting with people who have needs, interests or work that is common with your own. Having a branded profile on LinkedIn increases your firm’s visibility online and allows your firm to engage and build relationships with prospective clients and referrers.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most important online tool you can use to build your network. It is an essential no matter what type of firm you have or who your clients are. The team at Links2Leads can help you create achievable LinkedIn strategies to promote your business and generate leads.

A review of our SEO Services from Swan Craig Employment Services

I instructed Rachel and I felt I could trust her, as I had been told all sorts about what was needed on my website by other firms. Rachel and her team were able to not only fix the errors, she also explained what had been changed and what needed to be done moving forward with future updates I make on my website. I am so happy that I now know what I am doing with it… I would definitely recommend Rachel for SEO work.

Kirsty Swan, Principal Solicitor

A Review of our Facebook Content Writing and Advertising Service by JLS Solicitors

Rachel and her team started managing our Facebook page back in December 2016. We’ve seen a steady increase in the number of people ‘liking’ our page, many of whom are individuals we haven’t previously had contact with which is really encouraging. The number of people we’ve been able to reach and attract has surprised me.

The social media reports that are sent through to us by Rachel’s team show that we are clearly being seen within our target geographical areas. The reports are helpful and reinforce the exposure that Facebook gives us.

If I were managing the page myself, I’d be posting the occasional article that I think would be of interest to our followers but I wouldn’t have the ability to boost the posts, meaning we’d never get above double figures in terms of engagement. The boosted posts allow our message to reach hundreds of potential clients and this makes a significant difference.

I would recommend Rachel and her team to other legal professionals who want to establish a presence on social media. The fact that Rachel was a practising Solicitor means she has an immediate understanding of the legal market and what is required when marketing a law firm.

Justine Soper, Sole Principal, JLS Solicitors

A view of Facebook Advertising from Thomas Mansfield, The Family Law Solicitors

I didn’t know what to expect from Facebook but I have been hugely impressed by the thorough approach taken by Rachel and her team, and the fact that the page looks so professional and is full of relevant content. I am overwhelmed by how good the page looks.

By outsourcing the Facebook work to Rachel and her team, I’ve been able to save a lot of time. I wouldn’t have had the time to research and create the content and images that have resulted in numerous likes, shares and comments.

In January we saw a surge of around 8-12 new enquiries that we can directly trace back to our Facebook page. The reach of Facebook advertising is enormous and cost-effective, we’ve been able to reach thousands of local people as a direct result.

The monthly Facebook reports that Rachel sends through are really helpful, I read through them and think “wow!”

The fact that Rachel is a non-practising Solicitor helps no end, as Rachel really understands the processes, expectations, standards and pressures of marketing a Law Firm. I have already recommended Rachel to others and will continue to do so.

Susi Gillespie, Partner at Thomas Mansfield

What to expect from the course

  • Blogging: You’ll be asked to prepare and bring along a draft blog of your own. We’ll discuss the essential rules of effective LinkedIn blogging and the key elements of a successful LinkedIn blog post.  You’ll then get a chance to put what you’ve learnt into practice, attach those all-important ‘tags’ and publish your most compelling blog to date.
  • How to find the right groups to join, how to target your content within a particular group and how to create your own group on LinkedIn.
  • Your Social Selling plan of action: how to turn a connection into a client.
  • The role of a LinkedIn company page.

What you will learn

By the end of this 3 hour course, you’ll have learnt how to generate new leads for your business and you’ll appreciate why LinkedIn has to be a central feature of your marketing strategy.

What our delegates say

“I attended Rachel’s LinkedIn Stage 1 training course having set up my profile some time ago, but not really known how to use it. I felt that I was trying to navigate without a map or GPS, but Rachel helped me get a better feel for how LinkedIn works and how to use it to best advantage.

Rachel is a calm and patient teacher, who presents the material in a logical progression and explains each point clearly. I left fired with enthusiasm for LinkedIn and feeling that I had a powerful tool at my fingertips. Rachel provided excellent aftercare when I got stuck with a technical problem after the course and she has got me back on track. I would highly recommend Links2Leads to anyone wanting to get to grips with LinkedIn or to optimise their use of it to find leads.”

Wendy Rooke of Rooke Holistic Therapies

“Rachel is not only a fantastic LinkedIn trainer but she is also excellent at networking and bringing people together. I recently attended one of Rachel’s training courses which put me in touch with someone completely unrelated to my industry. This connection turned into a successful sales lead which won me business. I would highly recommend attending one of Rachel’s training courses.”

Adrian Dunk of Engage Property Services

What you will learn

  • The etiquette, best practices and insider secrets of LinkedIn.
  • Who you should connect with, how to effectively personalise each connection request, how to respond to a connection request from a stranger and how to build the best rapport and relationship with your connections.
  • What to be aware of when using LinkedIn’s mobile app – don’t just hit that ‘connect’ button!
  • The vital differences between a ‘like,’ ‘comment’ or ‘share’.
  • “What goes around, comes around”– the power of endorsements and recommendations.
  • Getting the balance right between self-promotion and promoting others.
  • Utilising all available advertising space by creating your own LinkedIn banner.
  • The benefits of a Premium LinkedIn account and InMail (time permitting).

About the course

This is a 3 hour LinkedIn training course, introducing you to the art of Social Selling. By the end of this course you should feel confident about developing a personal or commercial LinkedIn presence that delivers results in a timely and effective way.

This course offers you an invaluable opportunity to network, introduce your product or service offering to the group and build strategic alliances. You’ll be given the opportunity to begin investing in lasting, profitable and mutually beneficial business relationships with other attendees and you’ll receive a detailed attendee list to take away.